In the past 5 years I've tripled my salary, hustled my way into a new career, started my own company, published articles online that amassed over 1 million readers, cut my writing time by 75%, and had my work appear on Salon,, Lifehacker, Inc, and I've worked with the likes of Quartz, Buffer, Zapier, Todoist, and Campaign Monitor.

I managed all of those things through building productive habits to make my workday efficient without burning myself out.

In this 4-week email course I'll share with you some of the most practical, useful techniques I use to organise my workload, stay on top of my to do list, and look after my health in the process.

In short, I'm going to teach you how I work smarter, not harder.

Belle looks like this

4 weeks, one email per day

When I was building this course I talked to lots of people who wanted to learn how they could be more efficient at work. One of the concerns I heard over and over was about the time needed to complete this course. I know how hard it is to fit in the things you want to do around everything you need to do, so I've made every email in the course short and sweet.

Each week we'll focus on a different aspect of the course:

  • Week 1: Overcoming procrastination (including the science behind why we procrastinate, and methods for getting around it)
  • Week 2: Building new habits (covering the most effective methods for making habits stick, including scheduling, starting small, and stacking habits)
  • Week 3: Productive habits and getting organised (covering methods for prioritising, managing your workload, and making sure you're working on the most important tasks)
  • Week 4: Looking after your health while getting things done (exploring sleep, exercise, managing your energy, and conducting regular reviews)

Each week includes 5 lessons and 2 bonus emails, including links to related reading and recommended products, to help you implement the techniques you've just learned.

Want more detail? Here's an example lesson on prioritisation.

What you get

  • 20 lessons
  • Related reading and recommended products to help you learn more and implement the techniques I've shared with you
  • Summary sheets for each week: I break down the techniques we've covered to a couple of sentences to help you refresh your memory without redoing the whole course
  • 4 custom worksheets to help you put these lessons into practice

Add the book!

  • A permanent resource of the email course content in handy e-book form. Refer back to what you learnt so you can keep building habits
  • Kindle (MOBI), ePub, and PDF formats
  • Purchase the book alone if you don't have time for the full course


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How long will each lesson take?

The lessons range in length from around 500-1000 words. They shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to read.

Is there homework?

No. The course is designed so each lesson includes 1-2 practical techniques I use to get stuff done and look after myself in the process. I encourage you to try implementing the techniques that appeal to you, but don't feel you need to try every one. You can also skip some and come back to them later—the summary sheets will help you keep a reminder of all the techniques we've covered.

How is the course delivered?

You'll receive each lesson as an email, sent to the email address you sign up with. You'll get one email per day for four weeks.

When will the course start?

As soon as you purchase the course your first lesson will arrive, and you'll continue receiving emails at the same time of day for the next four weeks.